Revolutionising the rental market through responsible active investment


We’re giving a new lease of life to the UK’s housing stock and creating modern, environmentally efficient homes

Our custom technology identifies areas in need of quality rental housing, enabling us to affect change at scale

Benefits for Bricklane residents

Stable contracts

Flexible and secure tenancy agreements. Residents select their contract lengths, with most choosing 3 years

Dedicated rental app

Convenient app-based property management means maintenance can be scheduled in a few clicks

Pet friendly

We know that pets are part of the family and we’ll accommodate them wherever possible

Responsive service

Our award-winning property management partners ensure that residents are well looked after 24 hours a day

Environmentally efficient homes

We upgrade our homes to make them more energy efficient - helping the environment while saving our residents money on bills

We work with leading global investors who understand the value in improving UK housing

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What our residents say

“I’ve been renting my property for almost a year, and feel very settled. I love living here, it’s relatively new build, and is in great condition. Renting with Bricklane is the best experience I’ve had as a tenant”


“We fell in love with our place straight away, just had that feeling when we saw it. We moved into a freshly painted home that felt new and clean. When our door got jammed someone was sent over straight away to sort it out. We’ll definitely look at renting with Bricklane again when our contract is up”

London resident

We’re challenging the status quo in the rental market - renters deserve better

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